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It takes strong leadership, dedicated individuals and a cohesive effort to ensure young students thrive year after year.

tesa_0089-HiRes.jpgTexas School of the Arts is proud to have the cream of the crop teaching and inspiring our students. Our principal, Joe Morrow, is a proven leader in education and is driven to ensure the success of the school and its students. By his side is our stellar faculty and staff provide artistic and academic training and support. Please feel free to reach out to anyone on our team!

Administration and Office Staff

Clint Riley
President & CEO 817-766-2390 ext. 171
Penny Clay
Executive Assistant & Board Liaison 817-766-2390 ext. 171
Janelle Grau
Finance Director 817-766-2390 ext. 104
Jocelyn Greenman
Payables Clerk 817-766-2390 ext. 160
Joe Morrow
Principal 817-732-8372 ext. 104
Crystal Manney
Counselor & 504 Coordinator 817-732-8372
Donna James
Secretary/PEIMS Associate 817-732-8372
Belinda Johnson
Office Assistant 817-732-8372
Becky King
School Nurse 817-732-8372

External Affairs

Pamela King Acker
Chief Development Officer 817-766-2390 ext. 172
Cindy Salter
Annual Fund & Events Manager 817-766-2390 ext. 161
Rhonda Layton
External Affairs Associate 817-766-2390 ext. 113
Robert Hosier
Communications Director 817-766-2390 ext. 103
Lisa Earl
Tour Manager 817-766-2390 ext. 110
Darla Jones
Community Liaison 817-766-2390 ext. 175

Faculty and Staff

Courtney Galbreath
Kindergarten & Testing Coordinator
Kylie Foley
1st Grade
Mary Sapp
1st Grade
Kiera Wallace
2nd Grade
Debbie McNary
3rd Grade English Language Arts/Social Studies
Teresa Williams
3rd Grade Science/Social Studies
Samantha Soza
4th Grade Math
Carol Dunham
5th Grade Math/Science
Jack Hartsfield
6th Grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies
Robin Brown
Page Burkhalter
Rachel Campbell
Brandi Wubbena
Special Education Coordinator 817-732-8372
Cristina Hill
Child Nutrition Manager
Jeanne Lovelace
Child Nutrition Assistant
Nancy Wilson
Debbie LaChance
1st Grade
Julie Murray
2nd Grade
Phyllis Wilcox
2nd Grade
Jennifer Smith
3rd Grade Math
Melanie DeGrand
4th Grade English Language Arts/Social Studies
Bethany Staub
4th Grade Science/Social Studies
Shellie Johnson
5th Grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies
Caleb Mungwari
6th Grade Math/Science
Jennifer Seabrooke
Taylor Otey
Shayla Sigler
Special Ed/Dyslexia
Shannon Brannon
Child Nutrition Clerical Assistant
Yvette Luevanos
Child Nutrition Assistant
Rodrigo Gutierrez
Facilities Specialist