Instilling a love of social studies

If you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you are.

- James Burke

Social Studies instruction at TeSA begins even in the earliest grades.

Students meet TEKS requirements through the use of the Core Knowledge curriculum, providing students with a base knowledge of world and American history. This knowledge is enhanced with field trips to local museums or historic sites to give students a hands-on feel for the information they're learning in class. In addition to historical knowledge, students learn geography and map-reading, as well as civics and government. Individual and group projects give students in-depth experience researching and collaborating.

Middle school students learn Texas history and early American history in order to comply with TEKS regulations. Learning techniques and study methods, including the Core Knowledge curriculum, carry over from elementary school, with the added goal of preparing students for high school and exit level Social Studies.

Elementary Social Studies TEKS Guidelines:

Middle School Social Studies TEKS Guidelines: